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    1. 2020-2021 Registration

      Welcome to Orange Unified!

      Registration for your child’s new school year begins with an easy, online process through your Parent Portal!


      Please complete a Parent Portal Form and submit to your school office with identification.

      Download Parent Portal Form (PDF)  EnglishEspañol



      To complete the registration process, parents must log in to their Parent Portal Account and click on the banner that says, “You have not completed the Student Data Confirmation Process.” (See picture below).

      Picture of Data Confirmation window




      Parents are REQUIRED to review annual notifications and update student information by clicking on the banner. All *required and optional documents are electronically completed, signed and submitted directly to your school.

      Once you login to your Parent Portal account*: 

      • Update telephone numbers for parents and emergency contacts, provide updated student health conditions.
      • Complete a residence survey (for possible McKinney Vento qualification) and identify whether or not one parent/guardian is Active in the U.S. Armed Forces.
      • Complete the Technology Survey for device and internet access.
      • Authorize or Decline Emergency Medical Treatment, Internet Use and Photo Release.
      • Acknowledge annual notifications regarding the Parent/Pupil Handbook Notification of Rights, eDocs “paperless” Program, Student Accident Insurance, the Native American Program, Secondary Health Education letter.                           

      Completing “Student Data Confirmation” creates the student’s Emergency Card for the new school year. Print the Emergency Card, sign, date and submit to your school, according to your school instructions.  Please also print a copy for your records.




      REQUIRED DOCUMENTS to Electronically Sign & Submit from Parent Portal Documents Page:

      • Over-the-Counter Products Authorization Form (English or Spanish)


      OPTIONAL DOCUMENTS to Electronically Sign & Submit from the Parent Portal Documents Page:

      • Opt-In Form for Electronic Handbook & Report Cards
      • Native American Program Application
      • Opt-Out Secondary School Health Education Form

      Please Note: All program information and forms can be printed from the Documents Page for parent/guardian records.

      Parent Portal Data Confirmation DOES NOT allow parents to make the following updates:

      • Change of Address: A current utility bill or Residence Verification is required.
      • Change of Email Address: A new Parent Portal form is required.
      • Change of Parent/Guardian: A court order, OUSD Caregiver form is required.
      • Court Orders: A copy of most current restraining, custody, or other order is required.
      • Name Change: A court order, amended birth certificate document or OUSD form is required.
      • Delete an Emergency Contact: Only school staff can delete Contacts per parent/guardian request.


      Your school will have additional REQUIRED registration forms and information to acknowledge and/or complete, sign and submit to the school. Please check your school's website.





      For questions about Registration and completing the registration process,
      please contact your school. 

      Picture of school icon

      Click Here for School List and Websites


      Thank you for continuing to be a part of the OUSD family!