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      Our Vision:  

      Empowering the Next Generation of Innovators

      Our Mission: 

      Through an engaging,  standards-based, and accessible STEM education,  Orange Unified School District will provide all students with the necessary practices and experiences in order to prepare the next generation of innovators in an ever-changing world.

      Orange Unified's STEAM Ecosystem Team: 

      Jamie Beidler, CARES Program Supervisor

      Mary Hinton, TOSA STEM and Pathways

      Lisa Green, Executive Director of K-12 Curriculum and Instruction

      Randy Kolset, Coordinator of Educational Technology

      Jon Ruffridge, TOSA Educational Technology

      Cheryl Sosa, Coordinator of Early Learning Programs


      Orange Unified's STEAM Experiences:

      Orange Unified is proud to offer STEAM learning experiences across the entire district. Our district currently uses an STEAM Ecosystem Team to help shape and provide support for the STEAM experiences in our district along with the fabulous teachers, administrators, support staff and volunteers.

      The slideshows below shows some STEAM highlights from across our district: 

      OUSD Community Science Night 2019