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    1. Welcome to OUSD Induction!

      Services we Provide:

      • Accredited Induction Programs
        • Teacher
        • Administrative
        • Autism Authorization
      • New Hire Orientation
      • CTE & Intern Teacher Support
      • Professional Development
      • Peer Assistance Review
      • Student-Master Teacher Pairings & Training

      Mission and Core Values

      Accelerating the success of all students by preparing, growing, and supporting our educators!

      The Orange Unified School District’s Induction Program provides services for educators to clear their credentials in the following capacities:

      • The Autism Spectrum Disorder Added Authorization

      • FREE Teacher Induction (for both General Education and Special Education teachers)

      • Administrative Services Clear Credential

      Contact Us


      Raeanne Lopez Little

      Induction Coordinator

      Orange Unified School District

      (714) 628-5526


      Our Induction Programs are  open to qualified educators in the greater Orange community, serving: