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    1. 3-5 Overview and Lessons

      STEP 1:All grade levels 3-5 are required to integrate a review of the OUSD Acceptable Use Policy.

      Please use the attached lesson followed by the (optional) Internet Safety student pledge

      Acceptable Use Policy Lesson

      OrangeUSD AUP Pledge (3-5)

      Orange USD Spanish AUP Pledge (3-5)

      STEP 2:

      Complete 3 Common Sense Media Lessons 3-5 Units are by Grade Level

      3rd Grade - Unit 1: Lesson 1: Rings of Responsibility   Lesson 2: Private and Personal Information   Lesson 3: The Power of Words or The Key to Keywords or Whose is it, Anyway?

      4th Grade - Unit 2: Lesson 1: Strong Passwords  Lesson 2: Digital Citizenship Pledge   Lesson 3: How to Cite a Site/Choice or Picture Perfect

      5th Grade - Unit 3Lesson 1: Talking Safely Online   Lesson 2: Super Digital Citizen  Lesson 3: What's Cyberbullying? or Privacy Rules or Selling Stereotypes

      STEP 3:

      Complete the Accountability Log and turn in to your administrator by May 15, 2019