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    1. 2019-2020


      The District Curriculum Council (DCC) is made up of representative teachers from elementary, middle and high school.  In addition, we have site administration from all school levels and central office administrators on the Council.  The DCC is an advisory council which addresses universal and specific issues that either directly or indirectly impact the curriculums offered in the Orange USD schools.  The Curriculum Council is not a decision making committee.  The Council will make recommendations to the Superintendent and Board of Education after thoroughly researching and discussing each issue and potential impact on student achievement.

      Printable Meeting Schedule 2019-2020

      Council Membership
      All meetings are held Tuesdays from 3:30 – 5:00 pm in Board Rooms 1 & 2
      Dates mark with * will be held in J2/J3


      Date Agenda Meeting Notes/Minutes Handouts
      September 10, 2019      Click Here                         Click Here




      October 29, 2019      Click Here                        Click Here


      November  19, 2019      Click Here                        Click Here Handout
      January 28, 2020      Click Here                        Click Here


      February 25, 2020      Click Here                        Click Here  
      April 28, 2020      Click Here                        Click Here


      May 26, 2020      Click Here                        Click Here