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    1. Educational Services

      Educational Services is committed to planning for continual improvement, which supports teaching and learning programs at all OUSD schools. We offer a learning environment of excellence, with high expectations, that provides every student with the opportunity to be able to become college and career ready. Please find links to the various departments in our Educational Services division. Our staff is ready to assist you.

      Cathleen Corella

      Cathleen Corella

      Assistant Superintendent

      Educational Services

      Educational Services Department

      TItle Name Phone Number Email
      Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services Cathleen Corella (714) 628-4466 ccorella@orangeusd.org
      Executive Secretary II Jan Butler (714) 628-4466 jbutler@orangeusd.org
      Executive Director, Innovation & Excellence Joe Erven (714) 628-4463 jerven@orangeusd.org
      Executive Secretary I Debbie Adle (714) 628-4463/4467 dadle@orangeusd.org
      Executive Director, Elementary Elena Rodriguez (714) 628-5405 erodriguez@orangeusd.org
      Executive Secretary I Lori Elsasser (714) 628-5405 lelsasser@orangeusd.org
      Executive Director, Elementary Christina Lin (714) 628-4550 shaol@orangeusd.org
      Executive Secretary I Liz Bader (714) 628-4550 ebader@orangeusd.org
      Executive Director, Curriculum & Instruction Lisa Green (714) 628-5452 lgreen@orangeusd.org
      Executive Secretary I Maria Vicencio (714) 628-5452 mvicencio@orangeusd.org
      Executive Director, Middle Schools  Ed Howard (714) 628-5424 ehoward@orangeusd.org
      Executive Secretary I Mary King (714) 628-5424 maryk@orangeusd.org
      Chief Executive Officer, Special Education Sue Singh (714) 628-5550 ssingh@orangeusd.org
      Executive Secretary I Shelly Garcia (714) 628-5550 shelly.garcia@orangeusd.org