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    1. 6000 BP Concepts and Roles
      6011 BP Academic Standards
      6020 BP Parent Involvement
      6030 BP Integrated Academic Instruction
      6111 BP School Calendar
      6112 BP School Day
      6113 BP Released Time
      6115 BP Ceremonies and Observances
      6116 BP Classroom Interruptions
      6117 BP Year-Round Schedules
      6141 BP Curriculum Development and Evaluation
      6141.2 BP Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs
      6141.6 BP Multicultural Education
      6142.1 BP Sexual Health and HIV AIDS Prevention Instruction
      6142.3 BP Civil Education
      6142.4 BP International Baccalaureate Program
      6142.5 BP Environmental Education
      6142.6 BP Visual and Performing Arts Instruction
      6142.7 BP Physical Education
      6142.8 BP Comprehensive Health Education
      6142.91 BP Reading, Language Arts Instruction
      6142.92 BP Mathematics Instruction
      6142.93 BP Science Instruction
      6143 BP Courses of Study
      6144 BP Controversial Issues
      6145 BP Extracurricular and Cocuricular Activities
      6145.2 BP Athletic Competition
      6145.3 BP Publications
      6145.5 BP Student Organizations and Equal Access
      6145.7 BP Social Events-Meetings
      6145.8 BP Assemblies and Special Events
      6146.1 BP High School Graduation Requirements
      6146.11 BP Alternative Credits Toward Graduation
      6146.2 BP Certificate of Proficiency- HS Equivalency
      6146.3 BP Reciprocity of Academic Credit
      6146.4 BP Differential Graduation Competency Standards for Students with Disabilities
      6146.5 BP Elementary-Middle School Graduation Requirements
      6152 BP Class Assignment
      6152.1 Placement in Mathematics Courses
      6153 BP School-Sponsored Trips
      6154 BP Homework Make-up Work
      6155 BP Challenging Courses by Examination
      6158 BP Independent Study Program
      6159 BP Individualized Education Program
      6159.1 BP Procedural Safeguards and Complaints for Special Education
      6159.2 BP Nonpublic Nonsectarian School and Agency for Spec. Educ
      6159.3 BP Appointment of Surrogate Parent for Special Education Student
      6161 BP Equipment, Books and Materials
      6161.1 BP Selection and Evaluation of Instructional Materials
      6161.2 BP Damaged or Lost Instructional Materials
      6161.11 BP Supplementary Instructional Materials
      6162.5 BP Student Assessment
      6162.51 BP State Academic Achievement Tests
      6162.54 BP Test Integrity/Test Preparation
      6162.6 BP Use of Copyrighted Materials
      6162.8 BP Research
      6162.71 BP Use of Technology in Instruction
      6163.1 BP Library Media Centers
      6163.2 BP Animals at School
      6163.4 BP Student Use of Technology
      6164.2 BP Guidance Counseling Services
      6164.4 BP Identification and Evaluation of Individuals for Special Education
      6164.5 BP Student Success Teams
      6164.6 BP Identification and Education Under Section 504
      6170.1 BP Transitional Kindergarten
      6171 BP Title I Programs
      6172 BP Gifted and Talented Student Program
      6173 BP Education for Homeless Children
      6173.1 BP Education for Foster Youth
      6173.2 Education of Children of Military Families
      6174 BP Education for English Language Learners
      6175 BP Migrant Education Program
      6176 BP Weekend Saturday Classes
      6177 BP Summer Learning Program
      6178 BP Career Technical Education
      6178.1 BP Work-Based Learning
      6179 BP Supplemental Instruction
      6181 BP Alternative Schools
      6184 BP Continuation Education
      6185 BP Community Day School
      6190 BP Evaluation of the Instructional Program
      6200 BP Adult Education